Hi!  I'm Vanessa and I'm so glad you've found Fruit Jar Productions.  I live in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, with my husband, two kids, and a gigantic pile of laundry.

Why Photography?

I love telling stories. It's really an obsession. And, I can't wait to tell your story! You can find me going on crazy hikes and trips, telling the stories of the places and people along the way.  I also take every chance I can to tell the (admittedly bizarre) stories of my hopes, fears, and dreams in my fine art work. I am privileged to be a staff photographer for N2 Publications, and the lead photographer for Fox Chapel Living Magazine, which gives me a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of our special corner of Pittsburgh every month.

When you hire me, my goal is to create a piece that tells your story, preserving a piece of who you are now... forever.


Why did you name your business Fruit Jar Productions?

Well, like pictures, fruit jars preserve sweet things. So, it kind of made sense to me. Life is sweet, and wonderful, and memorable. (The lyrics of one of my favorite songs by the incomparable Justin Roberts also may have had a little something to do with it.)

After all,
"Life ain't no fruit jar, stuck in a cellar,
sometimes you just gotta spin that old propeller."