Monday, March 23, 2015
By Vanessa Picard



Hi Everyone!  Welcome to the new-fangled Fruit Jar Productions website and its very first blog post. The goal of this blog is to build an online community for friends of photography who want to learn how they can best preserve the memories of their daily lives.

Here's what you can expect to find on this blog:

  • Tips and tricks to help you become a better photographer.
  • Equipment reviews.  Find out why I wish I could marry my Sony cameras.
  • Photography happenings in and around Pittsburgh.
  • Lightroom and Photoshop tips and tricks.


Here's what you won't find:

  • A daily list of who I photographed that day and a lengthy discussion of how cute they are.  Of course they're adorable, but I'm a bit weary of reading about daily photo sessions.  If you really want to see them, I will post them -- but you'll have to comment and let me know!
  • Daily pictures of my kids.  Yup, they are also really cute, but I don't actually take their picture every day.  I like to wait and make it count.


What would you like to see here?  Comment and let me know.

(Photo by Kelly Carter)