Canvas Gallery Wrapped Art

These are nothing like the inexpensive canvases available online or at local office supply stores!  Your image is printed directly onto museum quality canvas material using the highest quality archival inks, producing a fine art giclée piece for your home.  The canvas is then stretched around either a 1.5 or 2.5 inch pine frame (sustainably harvested in Pacific Northwest) and the back is covered with acid-free dust paper, bumpers, and sawtooth hardware for easy hanging.  Custom framing options are also available.

Metal Wall Art 

Metal Wall Art is a luminous way to bring art into your home.  If you love the vivid way images look on your computer monitor, Metal Wall Art may be for you. Don't be fooled by products where the image is printed on top of the metal. Metal Wall Art is a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The effect is magical -- they simply glow.  Unframed, Metal Wall Art looks sleek and modern, but if you add a custom frame, it can blend seamlessly into a more traditional home -- truly the best of both worlds.

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints are so much more than any standard photographic print!  Using archival inks (which retain their color for over 100 years in color prints and 200 years in black and white prints when properly stored) and heavy, fine art "watercolor" paper, these prints are breathtaking heirlooms in their own right.  Custom framing is available upon request.

Archival Prints

All prints at Fruit Jar Productions are archival.  They will last much longer and have truer colors than any drugstore print.  Using professional-grade Kodak and Fuji papers, these prints are also unique in that they will last (when properly cared for) for at least 100 years.  Slightly less expensive than the Fine Art Prints, Archival Prints differ in the weight of paper used.  They will feel like what you expect in a picture, but their look and performance is professional.  Archival Prints come in a standard lustre (semi-gloss) finish. Pearl and Matte finishes and custom framing options are also available.

Preserve Albums 

Preserve Albums are museum quality, single edition, handcrafted photography books. Modern giclée printing gives the pages a giant leap in color depth, resolution, and longevity compared to digital press and photographic books. Preserve Albums are covered in your choice of leather, imported handmade papers, or environmentally friendly book cloth.  

Conserve Boxes 

Can't choose just one image? Conserve Boxes are another wonderful solution.  Each maple box holds twenty matted 5x7 images.  The lid can either be laser engraved or printed with the image of your choice.